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Um, is this the same baby?

Just wanted to give some perspective here. Look how much Eliza has grown. First picture = little E at 10 days old. Second picture = Eliza in same chair, 5 months old (22 weeks, to be precise). I can’t believe … Continue reading

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Eliza's friend

Last week we got to hang out with my friend Bridgette and her daughter Amelia, just 2 months younger than Eliza. They drove from Atlanta to visit us at Nana’s house in LaFayette. It was great to see them! The … Continue reading

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5 months old

eliza and parker playing at nana and pop’s house april 2008 025, originally uploaded by nanagriffey. Thanks to Nana for this awesome picture. Eliza is 5 months old today. She can roll over, eats “real” food, tries very hard to … Continue reading

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First Mother's Day

IMG_3195.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. So my first Mother’s Day was tainted by the fact that I had to “work” (Sewanee always has its graduation on Mother’s Day). No matter. It was still amazing to wake up and know that … Continue reading

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Eliza Food!

I made my first batch of Eliza Food today. It went like this: went into this then I put together this contraption and put the sweet potatoes in like this and then portioned it out into 4 oz tupperware like … Continue reading

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The joys of teething

IMG_3164.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. Here’s how we know Eliza is teething: she’s drooling like a rabid dog she’s gnawing on everything she can get her hands on, including her own hands and ours random fussiness and crying, very unusual … Continue reading

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Too big for baby stuff

IMG_3067.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. Eliza is outgrowing all her baby seats. As you can see, she’s trying desperately to sit up. So…even though she is strapped into this cushy, soft, vibrating seat , she is trying to get out … Continue reading

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IMG_3059.JPG Originally uploaded by griffey Everyone always comments on Ellie’s eyes…how clear, how attentive they are, how pretty. She’s always had great eyes, even from birth. She wasn’t out in the world 5 seconds before she popped her eyes open … Continue reading

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What is this green stuff?

IMG_3008.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. We gave Eliza avocado for the first time yesterday. She was skeptical but ate quite a bit, despite the look of confusion on her face. We’ll try again today. In other news, we’re having some … Continue reading

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