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Sick Day

IMG_7452.JPG Originally uploaded by griffey Eliza’s sickness continues. With her, a sick day is one long rollercoaster. She feels ok, then plays, gets tired, gets grumpy, then wants to rest. You hold her for awhile, then she’s rested, and feels … Continue reading

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Attack of RSV

IMG_0778, originally uploaded by griffey. Eliza was having a banner week at daycare, practicing for her transition (Monday) to the toddler room. She loves it over with the “big kids,” and seemed to be extremely happy with the idea of … Continue reading

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Eliza profile: fourteen months!

Eliza on playground, aquarium in distance, originally uploaded by griffey. Hobbies: pretending to feed people, pets, stuffed animals, dolls, even pictures of people in books; pretending to cook; playing on playgrounds; looking at books and magazines; pretending to write; putting … Continue reading

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You can almost see the wheels turning

IMG_7388.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. She learns to say new words almost every day. This week, she added “boots” and “apple” to her vocabulary, as well as another classmate’s name, Addy. She can also say “bite,” when she wants a … Continue reading

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Go away cat!

IMG_7382.JPG Originally uploaded by griffey Best story of the week: Betsy was in Eliza’s room with her, reading books. Our two cats, Cola and Hootie, came in to see what was going on, but we don’t usually let them in … Continue reading

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Eliza's words

IMG_7307.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. For posterity’s sake, and because I love lists, and because I’m procrastinating my work…here is a list of Eliza’s current vocabulary. I think we’re up to around 40 or 50 “words.” And these are just … Continue reading

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She's a Genius!

Just watch this! Oh, wait a minute: Maybe not.

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Daddy Play

IMG_7303.JPG Originally uploaded by griffey I must admit, I didn’t necessarily want to fall into the “daddy” stereotypes, but one where I fall firmly is in the sort of play that Eliza and I enjoy. Lots more physical, more rolling … Continue reading

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