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Not much smaller than this panda

IMG_1137, originally uploaded by griffey. I forgot to blog about her checkup the other day. She is enormous. 97th percentile for height (!) and 90th or a little higher for both weight and head circumference. And while the average for … Continue reading

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More reasons why we should put her in a bubble

IMG_1146, originally uploaded by griffey. She has had a runny nose and watery eyes for almost three weeks now. And yesterday she was extremely cranky at daycare, so I finally took her to the doctor. It doesn’t seem that anything … Continue reading

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National Cornbread Festival

IMG_1086, originally uploaded by griffey. Took Eliza to another festival this weekend, and she seemed to get more attention than all the cornbread. Wherever we go, people want to talk to her and touch her. Or we hear them talking … Continue reading

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For my Blueberry Girl

I think everyone with a daughter should hear this…we all have our own Blueberry Girl.

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Turtles and chickens and llamas, oh my!

IMG_1030, originally uploaded by griffey. Eliza got to go to her first “petting zoo” environment this weekend at a local festival. She had absolutely NO fear whatsoever and picked up the turtles with an ease and grace that astounded me. … Continue reading

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Eliza Profile: Sixteen Months

IMG_0973 Originally uploaded by griffey Favorite hobbies: Climbing, especially stairs. Dancing. Trying to jump. Basically, she’s learning lots of physical things right now. One of her favorite pastimes is wrestling with Daddy. Favorite foods: Fish, sweet potatoes, bread, yogurt, cheese, … Continue reading

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