First Day of Kindergarten!

First Day of Kindergarten!, originally uploaded by griffey.

Cannot BELIEVE that she’s old enough to be going to school.

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Eliza visits Santa 2012

Eliza visiting Santa at the Chattanooga Choo Choo! She’s been visiting this same Santa every year since she was born…he’s awesome, and she loves the setup and the sleigh.

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Eliza & Granny Jo

Olive Hill & Carter Caves 136, originally uploaded by griffey.

We don’t post here much anymore, as Eliza is keeping us busier than ever and posting here has taken a backseat. But this was too good to not mention, as seeing Eliza interacting with her great-grandmother was one of the best things I’ve seen all year.

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Eliza at Easter

IMG_5274, originally uploaded by griffey.

So happy, she was thrilled with the whole day. Egg hunt, hanging out in a beautiful day with her Nana and Pop, Aunt and Uncle and Cousins and…she just loved it.

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Eliza is 4


Originally uploaded by griffey

Here it is, the 4-year-old post. What is Eliza like these days? Some things haven’t changed a bit. Others have changed a lot.

Likes: dressing up, singing, dancing (loves her ballet class), coloring/”making art”, playing princess, listening to books, making up stories, watching all kinds of movies, going to the movies and eating popcorn, the beach, Disney World, vacations of any kind, hotels, swimming, cooking.

Dislikes: blueberries, beef in any form, itchy clothes, putting anything in her hair (which makes this picture really rare), getting up early

Milestones/development: Can write her name! And recognize and write many other letters. Can put on her own clothes, shoes, and socks. Takes showers instead of baths. Can draw representational things now, like stick people, faces, several shapes, flowers. Can brush her own teeth. Does chores every night.

Favorite things: Phineas and Ferb, Disney stuff (especially Disney World), princes and princesses, Wow Wow Wubzy, stuffed animals (especially kitties), candy.

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It’s been a good year


Originally uploaded by griffey

So many nice things happened in 2011. Another wonderful trip to Disney World, Eliza’s 4th birthday, Eliza learning to write her name and other letters, fun visits with family and friends near and far, Jason having successes at work, and decent health for all of us, among them. We’re lucky people. Here’s hoping 2012 is even more wonderful.

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Eliza loves Santa

_MG_4125, originally uploaded by griffey.

Here’s Eliza’s third Santa photo…she always loves it, and she’s always got a smile for the Jolly Elf.

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Summer wrap up, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Originally uploaded by griffey

Eliza and I had a blast this summer. She stayed with me most days while I enjoyed the last gasp of my sabbatical.

We did so many fun things, it’s hard to remember them all. Some of the highlights were: trips to KY to see family, a week-long visit from cousins, trips to Atlanta to see friends, swim lessons and lots of pool time, Lake Winnie, lots of visits to the Aquarium, Coolidge Park and other fun places around Chattanooga (like Pump It Up), and a few weeks staying at Nana and Pop Pop’s (such a big girl!). We also had a fabulous 4th of July in Sewanee with our friends, and Eliza got to stay up late enough to see the fireworks. There were festivals and rides, shopping trips, birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, and so much more.

She went back to school today, and while I’m sad to see our summer of fun come to a close, I think we’re both ready to get back into a routine. No more sleeping in and PJ days…time for Eliza and mommy to get back to normal.

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Eliza’s 3 and a half!


Originally uploaded by griffey

Don’t know where the time has gone, but Eliza is now turning the corner toward 4.

She’s still really into dress up (as you can see in this pic from the Renaissance Fair). She loves kitty cats, real or stuffed. She is really into Scooby Doo movies and watches at least one every day. And she has developed a hilarious sense of humor. There’s nothing like her smile to light up the whole world.

She has taken dance class, swim lessons, and had play dates, stayed with Nana and Pop Pop for extended periods of time, and traveled to many fun places. She’s quite the big girl now, as she likes to remind us.

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Eliza in repose

IMG_4341, originally uploaded by griffey.

We’re all having a great summer, and Eliza has become a really terrific toddler…it helps that she LOVES vacations. If there’s novelty involved, Eliza is all over it.

This is a shot from our trip to Rock Island State Park here in Tennessee, an awesome trip with our favorite friends and their toddlers.

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