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Eliza profile: fifteen months!

Favorite hobby: talking, talking, and more talking! She now says 2 and 3 word sentences on a regular basis. The funniest so far? When a program we were watching on the TiVo got to the end and stopped, she said … Continue reading

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Latest language insanity

IMG_0364 Originally uploaded by griffey Just keeping up with Eliza’s increasing language acquisition is insane. The latest: Every night when her evening episode of Yo Gabba Gabba goes off (we watch it after dinner as a wind-down for bedtime), the … Continue reading

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IMG_7513.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. She’s turning into Linus, which is something I always feared would happen. The sacred pink blankie used to live only in her crib or be brought out for naptime at daycare. But now that she … Continue reading

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Daycare highs and lows

IMG_7496, originally uploaded by griffey. Poor Eliza ended up with a double ear infection, thanks to the RSV. This coincided with her first week in a new room at daycare. Needless to say, the transition hasn’t gone smoothly. She seems … Continue reading

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I guess that's why they call it the blues

IMG_7478.JPG, originally uploaded by griffey. RSV, you are the bane of our existence. Eliza’s RSV turned into a double ear infection plus sinus infection so bad that she has yellow gunk pouring out of her eyes. Yay! The fun continues. … Continue reading

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IMG_0338, originally uploaded by griffey. Eliza is now refusing to be carried, pushed around in a grocery cart, or anything of the sort. She can walk and so she wants to walk. Everywhere. All the time. In the store, she … Continue reading

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