Gorman, again

*sigh* Karen Schneider twittered the latest Michael Gorman insanity, written on (no surprise here) the Britannica Blog. Long time readers of this blog might remember that I’ve publicly disagreed with Gorman on a number of things, and this latest rant isn’t any different. In Web 2.0: The Sleep of Reason, Gorman rambles over the landscape … Continue reading Gorman, again

Gorman opens mouth, foot already inserted.

Here’s another in the long string of things that I find to disagree with Michael Gorman about. At the Online Information Conference in London, he came up with a few more priceless gems of wisdom (from Information World Review): Controversy has broken out over the Google digitisation project with Michael Gorman, outspoken head of the … Continue reading Gorman opens mouth, foot already inserted.

Where I agree with Michael Gorman

No, the world is not ending, I simply was convinced by kgs’s recent post. I expected to find the article she quoted from and rant again about Gorman’s lack of technological understanding. Instead, I’m going to agree with him. On one, very small point. And probably not in the manner he’d like. In an article … Continue reading Where I agree with Michael Gorman

Gorman and ALA ruminations

After returning from vacation, I found a ton of commentary in the librarian blogosphere about the latest Gorman issue. A short list of the comments I read/found: The ever-timely Jessamyn at librarian.net LISNews Caveat Lector The Eclectic Librarian Karen Schnieder: Free Range Librarian Librarian in Black For those that missed this latest uproar, here’s the … Continue reading Gorman and ALA ruminations

File under "Gormanesque"

From LISNews originally, another person at the top of a librarian food chain who just doesn’t get it. To wit: Lately, I’ve been wandering around Blogland, and I’m struck by the narcissism and banality of so many personal blogs, of which, if the statistics are to believed, there are millions. Here, private lives tumble into … Continue reading File under "Gormanesque"

Even more Gormangate followup

And the Gormangate news continues. LISNews put up a summary of the blog coverage, and Library Journal published a reaction piece on the coverage of the story by bloggers, which Karen Schnieder proceeded to take apart with near surgical precision. I don’t really have much to add to her pitch perfect analysis, with the exception … Continue reading Even more Gormangate followup

More Fun with Michael Gorman

Well, we’ve already seen what Gorman (the President-Elect of the American Library Association) thinks of blogs and the blog people. Now we get his comments on Google and the Google Digitization Project in the latest issue of American Libraries. *sigh* To the quotes! Since scholarly books are, with few exceptions, intended to be read cumulatively … Continue reading More Fun with Michael Gorman

Michael Gorman vs Blogosphere

Well, the ALA President_Elect has certainly stuck his foot in an orifice with his recent comments on blogs and bloggers in Library Journal. He’s getting feedback from all over the ‘net, including Instapundit and Slashdot, arguable the two most read blogs in the world. LISNews has covered it, of course, and it’s all the rage … Continue reading Michael Gorman vs Blogosphere