I'm Jason.

I'm running for ALA and LITA Office.

I would like for you to vote for me.

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ALA Councilor-at-Large

As a part of getting on the ballot for the various elections within ALA, you have to provide a very specific set of information. You can see what I provided to ALA on the official ALA election page, when that page becomes available. Of that information, the only bit that is really important is what I gave as my statement of candidacy:

My focus, if elected to ALA Council, will be to find ways to make ALA processes more open to all members, transparent in action, and virtual in presence. As an organization, the ALA needs to move more fully into the 21st century, and rethink its structure, conference models, and communication methods in order to continue to be a leader and force for libraries and librarians.
In March, the ALA will send an email with voting instructions and a link to the ballot in question. I would love for you to vote for me for ALA Councilor-at-Large.

Who else to vote for?

The ballot for ALA Councilor-at-Large is notoriously long...many people, many names, for many positions. Here's a short list of people that I think should be elected...all of them have worked hard to make ALA better already, and I think that they will do good work for libraries and librarians. Please take a moment and vote for them!

LITA Director-at-Large

Like the larger ALA Elections, LITA requires a specific set of information from you as you become a candidate. You can see what I provided to LITA on the official LITA election page. Here's my Statement of Candidacy for Director-at-Large:

I have attempted over the last 5 years to assist LITA in whatever manner I can to provide better services to its members. As a member of the LITA Board, my entire focus will be to find ways in which LITA as an organization can provide wanted and needed services to its membership. I will endeavor to make all decisions as transparent as possible, and to represent the membership to the Board in a direct and unflinching manner.
In March, LITA will send an email with voting instructions and a link to the ballot in question. I would love for you to vote for me for LITA Director-at-Large.

Who else to vote for?

The ballot for LITA isn't as complex as the ALA one. But I still have an opinion on who will do the most good for the organization. Here's who I will be voting for:


LITA Councilor

LITA Vice-President/President-Elect


While my CV lists all of my activities, here are a few direct links to things that will give you an idea of my activity and interests.

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My homepage, complete with slideshows from my various presentations, video, and much, much more, can be found at:

Books & Articles

Mobile Technology and Libraries Library Blogging

I currently have one book in print, and one on the way in April of 2010. In print is Library Blogging, which I co-authored with Karen Coombs. It's from Linworth Publishing, and discusses the how and why of libraries and blogging. Technical and practical, it's a great guide to the form.

My second book is coming in April from Neal Schuman publishers, and it's called Mobile Technologies and Libraries. It's one book in a larger set that is being called The Tech Set. It is, perhaps obviously, about the explosion of mobile and how mobile services change library services.

Coming in April of 2010 is a Library Technology Report tentatively titled Gadgets & Gizmos: Personal Electronics and the Library. It will give an overview of the Electronic Reader landscape (the Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and more) as well as look at other sorts of personal electronics being used in library settings. Expect chapters on eReaders, multimedia capture devices like the Flip video camera, and media consumption devices like the iPod Touch and the Microsoft Zune.

I have written for both Library Journal and NetConnect, been published by ALA TechSource in Library Technology Report (vol. 45 no. 1), and write a monthly column for TechSource online.


My blog, Pattern Recognition, has been active since 2003. Content from my blog has been featured on BoingBoing 4 times and Digg once. Pattern Recognition has a Google Page Rank of 5.

I'm an administrator and author for LITABlog, the blog of the Library Information Technology Association. I'm a monthly columnist for the ALA TechSource blog. I also write for American Libraries at Perpetual Beta, a gadget, technology, and tips and tricks blog for libraries and higher education. It tends toward the use of multimedia, incorporating audio and video to a larger degree than my other work.

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